Welcome to our travel blog. We wanted to put together a place where all our friends and family can follow us as we jet around the world. So that’s what is. We don’t know much about what form it will take or how frequently we’ll blog or upload pictures, but hopefully we’ll find a good balance along the way.

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Enjoyment and happiness: so much more than just visiting insta-worthy places
We’ve reached the halfway point of our trip and as usual for this sort of thing, time feels like it’s
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New Zealand: one week on North Island
I’ve wanted to explore New Zealand for as long as I can remember. I’ve been envious of friends’ pictures and
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Samoa: beautiful, but unconnected
After Hawaii, we headed to another Polynesian island: Samoa. It’s never been on our list of must-visits—more out of ignorance
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Exploring Kauai: from secluded beaches to huge canyons and jaw-dropping cliffs
In one word, Kauai was fabulous. It’s a much more remote island than Maui, with less available at your fingertips,
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Exploring Maui
From day one, we knew we really liked Maui. As I mentioned in my first blog on the island, the
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Maui: first impressions
Wow—time has well and truly flown since we started our trip. But it’s flown in the best possible way. I’m
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While I sit on a plane as we embark on an adventure around the world, it’s occurred to me that
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